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Denka Lifts

Denka Lift Technical Specifications

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The Denka Lift was developed in Denmark with advanced safety and engineering technology as a solution for accessing heights up to 92 feet. As an outrigger based aerial lift that is extremely lightweight and will fit through a single width (36 inch) door opening, the Denka can go where other lifts won’t measure up. Compared to most two person boom lifts in its height range, the Denka is the lightest weight boom available in the World.

Safe on the most delicate of flooring materials, including marble, granite and gymnasium floors, this lightweight lift has an average floor pressure of less than 80 PSI.

With one of the largest rental fleets of Denka and Track mounted narrow boom lifts in the United States; Service One provides innovative access solutions for Facilities Managers, Contractors, Developers and Building Owners.

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