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Facade Maintenance

Metal Refinishing

Service One, Inc.

Service One has the technical expertise and experience to maintain, refinish, and restore all types of architectural metal, from elevators, doors and window frames to statues and ornamental metal


Our expertise includes:

  • Cleaning, polishing refinishing and coloring of all architectural metals including bronze, stainless steel & aluminum
  • Restoration and waterproofing of steel and aluminum curtain walls and window wall systems
  • Cleaning, restoration and sealing of weathered and oxidized anodized and Duranodic aluminum
  • Application of high performance paints & coatings, including Kynar ADS
  • Custom tailored metal and glass maintenance programs

Building Restoration & Historic Conservation

We have extensive experience cleaning and restoring building facades from modern glass and metal facades to Landmarks and Historic properties. All work is performed with the highest degree of building conservation and environmental protection.

Call for a free survey of your project, and we will be pleased to develop a program designed to maintain the beauty of your property to reflect a polished image.

Aluminum and Curtain Walls

Service One, Inc.

From anodized aluminum to painted finishes on aluminum, Service One provides restoration and sealing of all pre-finished metals. We are experts at rigging and gaining access to difficult to reach areas such as atriums, cathedrals and high- rise applications.

In addition to our curtain-wall services, we offer the following areas of expertise:

  • Cleaning, restoration and sealing of weathered and oxidized anodized and Duranodic aluminum curtain walls
  • Field refinishing and specialty spray painting and color matching of factory applied finishes
  • Application of high performance paints & coatings, including Kynar ADS
  • Metallic finishes and repair of aftermarket color deviations or damage from installation.

Technical Paper on Architectural Aluminum (pdf)

Stainless Steel

Service One, Inc.

Contrary to the name, stainless will rust if neglected. Stainless steel, like other metals, needs a regular maintenance program. Refinishing methods start with removal of scratches and then a thorough re-graining to restore the original satin finish. Stainless steel may then be sealed with a clear finish, if the location and function of the metal warrants a coating. A clear finish will add a clean, consistent gloss to the appearance and prolong the interval required between cleanings.

Polished stainless steel is our specialty. Due to its extremely dense composition, stainless steel is difficult to buff deeply and therefore very deep scratches are very time consuming to remove on site. Our quality standards require several extra steps to assure you the highest degree of reflectivity possible, and return the finish to it's original luster.

Technical Paper on Stainless Steel (pdf)

Bronze and Brass

Service One, Inc.

The benefit of maintenance on architectural metal is to prolong and preserve the life and aesthetics of building materials. Copper, bronze, brass and nickel silver building materials have been used for centuries in highly visible areas, and require experienced technicians to properly maintain and restore these luxurious metals. Periodic restoration and maintenance is the only way to reaffirm the image envisioned in the original design. Service One can provide satin, polished, oxidized finishes and patinas to copper, bronze, brass and muntz metals.

Technical Paper on Bronze and Brass Restoration (pdf)

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