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Spandeck – Modular Catwalks, Walkways and Platform Systems

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Spandeck is a lightweight aluminum walkway bridge, work platform and staging system in one versatile unit. Its unique reversible design and double side hooks allow it to be used individually as a walkway or side by side as temporary or permanent staging.

High strength aluminum alloy construction ensures Spandeck is lightweight and remains maintenance free while the integral toe-boards enable it to be used safely as a walkway. OSHA compliant guardrail posts and guardrails are fitted to provide a safe working environment.

Fall Protection Systems - Spantrack

Roofing and renovation contractors use Spandeck and Spantrack safety products, designed to ensure safe roof access without hindering work progress. Extensive mobile runs are created by linking Spandeck together, which become mobile by unlocking the Spandeck roofing trolleys and pushing the unit to the desired location.

Leading edge protection is provided by double guardrails with trailing edge protection using a Spantrack, our innovative engineered trailing edge fall protection horizontal lifeline system. Installation is quick and simple and much lighter than steel, resulting in reduced hoisting costs.

Spantrack attached to Spandeck creates a continuous safety harness track – simply clip your harness to Spantrack to provide uninterrupted movement along the length of your Spandeck.

Service One, Inc.


Spandeck can be inverted and used in multiple combinations to provide decks and work platforms of virtually unlimited dimensions. Spandeck can be connected for multi-width use and also provides a positive connection between towers or traditional scaffold systems.

Towers can be bridged with Spandeck to provide large safe working areas over large obstructions.

Using just a small number of standard components, the system is easy to specify yet is versatile enough for the most demanding of locations.

Spandeck Walkway systems are manufactured using procedures approved to ISO 9001.

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